By building up surfaces with pigment, building materials, and collage papers -- they are made to be broken down again. This is done to fabricate a unique history on the surface of each artwork.


Materiality informs all methods for the artist, from the contrasting coarseness of wheat paste to the smooth lightness of printed campaign ads on city streets. 


Earth tones based on a native palate, are fashioned with collage and painterly gestures into the surfaces of each artwork. The balancing act of creation and ruin combine, to shape new from the old – and to breathe life into exhausted surfaces. This process of limitless alchemy mirrors the fast pace experience of being in Los Angeles, where he currently lives and works. 

Mrbrainwash mr-brainwash thierryguetta thierry-guetta 

2008, Mr.Brainwash Studio, Hollywood


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